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Accidental Quilter

Although fiber art has been part of Birgit’s journey in life, quilting is the newest form of fiber art. With several twists and turns, this lecture encourages everyone to try new things and turn mistakes into new techniques and run with them!

Portrait Quilts

This lecture covers Birgit’s portrait quilting journey . Several quilts are shared along with the techniques used to make these award winning quilts. Techniques include: sketching with ink, using your printer and other types of printing medium with photographs, raw edge applique, and thread painting. You will leave this lecture inspired to give portrait quilting a try.

What’s Your  Legacy

(In other words, what will they do with all your stuff)
It isn’t a subject that anyone likes to talk about, but….. As a quilter/fiber artist, you have STUFF! Filled with humor and great tips, this lecture walks you through helpful steps to get your stuff (legacy) in order.

It’s All About the Words (available starting Sept. 2021)

This lecture is about using words/language in our fiber art. Your quilts can tell a story with images and colors that you use through your design. Asemic writing is an exciting art form that relays feelings and thoughts through images that look like letters but are no part of a formal language. You can also design your quilt to use actual words. By using different techniques and fonts, you will see the endless possibilities for combining typography and quilting. Then we will cover all sorts of fun techniques to apply your lettering onto cloth/quilt. This lecture sheds light on the use of many products that are currently available for ink jet printers.

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